Parking lot equipment installation – our projects
Unipark provides car parking lot installation and management services. We apply individual parking solutions for you, from equipment assembly, to smartphone application and customer managment systems. Please take a closer look at our implemented projects.
Smart payment for parking
  • Mobile application
    • Warszawa
    • We have created mobile applicaion with which you can pay for parking in off-street parking on-street parking At the moment in Warsaw there is a possibility to pay only in Unipark parking lots. Currently application works in 7 cities of Lithuania, in Latvia,in Belarus and Poland.
Parking in airport
  • Warsaw
    • Al. Krakowska 38, Warszawa
    • Equipped with a modern car number plate scanning system. We administer 1 parking lot with 370 places for cars. We have created a model to calculate occupied places, a system to manage groups of customers and a personalized marketing. We provide general information and technical assistance by telephone 24/7 in Polish language. Free shuttle bus to and from Warsaw airport.
Parking in bus station
  • Bus parking - West Station
    • Al. Jerozolimskie 144, Warszawa
    • Modern number plate scanning system was installed to all busses entries and exits. This solution helped to drivers come to parking lot smoothly and without any problems.
Solutions in on-street parking
  • Car parking - West Station
    • Al. Jerozolimskie 144, Warszawa
    • We have solved the traffic problems, parking lot is working 24/7 therefore customers always find a space to park their car. We also provide 3 different payment methods:
    • cash and bank card in the pay station
    • mobile application Unipark
    • agreement with Unipark.
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