Terms and Conditions of Car Park Reservation and Use

1. Definitions:

1.1. City Parking Group S.A. has been established and is operating according to the laws of Poland, legal entity code 871629396, with its registered head office in Budowlanych street 3, 86-300 GrudziÄ…dz, company data is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities of Poland, VAT payer’s code PL8762195667.
1.2. Car Park is the car park owned by the Company upon propriety or another right, the list and addresses of which are indicated on the Company website www.unipark.pl. 
1.3. Website is the website at: www.unipark.pl
1.4. Reservation confirmation e-mail is a one-time reservation evidence sent to the Customer by e-mail.
1.5. Customer is a person who registers on the website and/or uses Company Car Park services.
1.6. Customer service specialist is a Company employee who handles car parks. Customer service specialists work 24 hours a day and are available on telephone +48222129444.
1.7. Self-service zone is the profile of the Customer, who has concluded an agreement, where the user has the opportunity to sign an agreement, add, modify, remove car plate numbers, issue an invoice, and see all uploaded invoices.  


2. General Terms and Conditions


2.1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Company Customers who have reserved a parking space in the Car Park online, use Company car parking services upon the Agreement or pay for the Car Park services. 
2.2. The Car Park may be used after an advance online reservation of a parking place paying for actual parking time at the desk or by concluding an agreement with
City Parking Group S.A. or its subsidiary company.
2.3. Upon conclusion of the agreement with
City Parking Group S.A. or its subsidiary company, you will be let into Car Parks when the car number plate cameras scan your car number plates registered in the system. 
2.4. In case the Parking place was paid for online in advance or a service contract has been concluded, at the event of the absence of free parking spaces at the Parking place, the Company will ensure the possibility to enter another Parking place owned by the Company. If the rate for another Parking place, owned by the Company, is higher, the Client will not pay the difference in cost.          
2.5. In case of losing car number plates registered on the website www.unipark.pl, the Customer must block them immediately by logging into the Self-Service Zone on the website www.unipark.pl.  If there is no possibility to log into the Self-Service Zone, the Customer must inform about the loss of car number plates at email: info@unipark.pl or by telephone +48222129444.
2.6.  The expiry date and time of advance reservations are indicated in the email of preliminary reservation confirmation.  When preliminary reservation expires and if the service has not been used, advance reservation is not refundable.
2.7.  The Customer can change the time of advance reservation no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the advance reservation term by contacting Customer service at: info@unipark.pl or by telephone +48222129444.  
2.8. The Customer can cancel advance reservation within 24 hours after purchase by contacting Customer service at: info@unipark.pl or by telephone +48222129444.
2.9. Car Parks are not guarded.  The Company has no obligation to guard the Customer’s vehicles and belongings left inside, as well as it does not ensure any special vehicle monitoring tools (technical, physical, etc.).  
2.10. In case the Customer breaches the Rules, the Company is entitled to claim for damages resulting from the breach. The Customer shall familiarize any person, who is entitled to use the car number plates indicated during the reservation, with the Rules and ensure that the latter shall comply with them. The Customer is fully responsible for the actions of the persons who will use car number plates registered on the Customer’s website and Self-Service Zone.  
2.11. Disputes shall be settled in the court upon the Company head office address.
2.12. In order to inform the Customer of the changes in the entry system of Unipark car parks, a newsletter with the service Terms and Conditions as well as campaigns is emailed not more frequently than once or twice per month.

2.13. Notwithstanding the provisions of these Regulations as well as the agreements entered into by the Client, the Client is obliged to observe the Regulations of using the car park located at the entrance to the parking lot as well as on the website: www.unipark.pl


3. Terms and Conditions of Payment


3.1. The charge for the services is calculated according to the rates applicable on the day when the vehicle has been parked. Different car parks may apply different charges. Charges are published in car parks and on the website www.unipark.pl.  The price is calculated based on actual standing time to rounding up to a higher rate applicable by the Company and unit of time calculation specified in the pricelist. The Company has the right to unilaterally change the prices for its services. Upon the change of the prices, the Company shall not apply extra charges for the Customers who made an advance reservation or parked a vehicle in the Car Park upon the Agreement concluded prior to the price change, and has no obligation to return price differences resulting from changes in pricing. 
3.2. The Customers, who have concluded Agreements, shall pay for the services provided in the previous month up to the 15th day of the following month upon the VAT invoice issued by the Company. The Company has the right to charge a 0.02% rate of interest on the due amount for each day of delay. 
3.3. In case the Customers who have concluded the Agreement are late to pay the invoice for more than 5 (five) calendar days, their cars will not be let into Car Parks. 
3.4. VAT invoices are sent to the Customers, who have concluded Agreements, by e-mail specified in the Agreement. If the Customer does not receive a VAT invoice for the services used in the previous month before the 10th day of the current month, he/she must inform the Company about it. Otherwise, it is assumed that the Customer has received the invoice and must pay it. Upon the change of the Customer's email address, he/she must notify the Company in writing about it not later than within three working days. 
3.5. Online advance reservation is a one-time reservation and can be used only once. If the actual parking time is shorter than indicated in the advance reservation confirmation email, monetary difference is non-refundable.  Advance reservation time cannot be used for the next time.
3.6. If the vehicle is parked in the Car Park for a longer period than indicated in the email, confirming advance reservation online, the Customer must pay for the excess of actual standing time under the current rates applicable at the Car Park.
3.7. If the Company fails to ensure the parking place, reserved by the Customer online in advance, the Company shall refund the money paid by the Customer. The Company shall not cover any additional costs resulting from the lack of parking places.


4. Instructions of Using Services


4.1. In case of any problems, related to using the services, please contact us by telephone +48222129444.
4.2. In order to enter the Car Park after purchasing a parking place online in advance or the Customer, who has concluded the Agreement with the Company, should perform the following steps: 
4.2.1. Stop the vehicle at the entrance facility (see Fig.).
4.2.2. When the barrier opens, enter the Car Park and park the vehicle in any place available if there are no conflicting signs.
4.3. When taking the vehicle back, the following steps should be performed:
4.3.1. Stop the vehicle at the exit facilit. 

4.3.2. When the barrier lifts up, leave the Car Park.
4.3.3. If the time of parking the vehicle does not exceed the time indicated in the confirmation email of advance parking reservation, you can proceed to the exit facility and the barrier will automatically lift up.  
4.3.4. If the time of parking the Vehicle in the Car Park exceeds the time of service provision, indicated in the confirmation email of advance parking reservation, the Customer, upon wish to leave from the Car Park, shall pay in automatic Unipark cashier for the actually exceeded time, according to the current charges applied in the Car Park when leaving from the Car Park. 


5. Personal Data Protection


5.1. When making the registration on the Website, the Customer shall provide his/her name, surname, email and car number plate. By agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, the Client declares that he/she agrees that the Company shall store and handle the data provided. 
5.2. Personal data shall be administered with the aim to ensure proper provision of the services to the Customers. 
5.3. The Customer confirms that the personal data, provided on his/her Website, is accurate, complete, and correct. The Customer has the right to access his/her personal data and request to correct incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data.
5.4. The Company shall not disclose the Customer’s personal data to any third parties, except for the cases stipulated by law. The Company is entitled to transfer personal data to entities handling debts.


6. Changing the Rules


6.1. The Company has the right to unilaterally change the Terms and Conditions of these Rules without prior notice to the Customer.
6.2. Extensions or modifications to these Rules shall take effect on the date of their publication, i.e. when they were placed on the Website.

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