1. General provisions

1.1. The regulations for use of the payable car park (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) were adopted in order to provide users of the car parks (hereinafter referred to as the Car Park) run by Numy Investments Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) with the possibility of parking vehicles in accordance with the procedures defined herein.

1.2. These Regulations are binding on all users of the Car Park who enter the Car Park.

1.3. In entering the Car Park, the client accepts the conditions of the Regulations and undertakes to observe them.

1.4. In entering the Car Park, the Client agrees to have their personal data processed, transferred to third parties for processing purposes and transferred for recovery purposes.

1.5. The Car Park is a private property and the Operator has the right to refuse to provide the parking service to any person without explaining the reason for such refusal.

1.6. Only vehicles with correctly fitted registration plates, registered in accordance with procedures defined by legal provisions, can be park at the Car Park. In the case where the user of the vehicle is not its owner or holder, they must confirm the authorization obtained from the owner or holder of the vehicle and make civil agreements concerning the use of the vehicle, including the agreement on using the Car Park.

1.7. Leaving a vehicle in the Car Park does not constitute signing an agreement for vehicle storage or any other agreement obliging the Operator to have custody of the user’s vehicle or to carry out activities resulting from any defined agreements.

2. Car Park Opening Hours

2.1. The Car Park is available for users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruptions, subject to section 2.2 below.

2.2. If necessary, the Operator has the right to limit and/or to prohibit the use of the Car Park during opening hours, while the Operator’s decision in this scope does not require any justification.

3. Fees for using the Car Park

3.1. The fee for using the Car Park is paid in the form of a subscription, through an online shopping store, Unipark Mobile Application (APP) or payment machine.

3.2. Information concerning the time of using the Car Park can be obtained by entering the state registration number of the vehicle in the Paymachine or Unipark mobile applications. It is also possible to purchase the subscription through websites cooperating with Unipark.

3.3. The fee for using the Car Park is defined in the price list of the Car Park. The price list is uploaded on the Operator’s website: www.unipark.pl

3.4. The payment for using the Car Park can be made:

3.4.1. by payment card,

3.4.2. in cash,

3.4.3. through the Unipark mobile application,

3.4.4. by bank transfer, in the case of signing an appropriate agreement,

3.5. The payment for using the Car Park is made:

3.5.1. at the payment terminal at the Car Park,

3.5.2. by bank transfer in the case of clients with an agreement,

3.5.3. by the Unipark mobile application, or

3.5.4. through presale via websites cooperating with Unipark.

3.6. After making the payment for the use of the Car Park, the user must leave the area within 10 (ten) minutes.

4. Provisions concerning the use of the Car Park

4.1. In the Car Park premises, users are obliged to comply with road rules and the vertical and horizontal road signs, to follow the instructions of the parking service personnel, to park only in designated parking spaces in such a way as to leave the dividing lines clearly visible and to allow other users to leave the Car Park freely.

4.2. If the user parks a vehicle in a way preventing other vehicles from moving around the Car Park or in a way endangering the safety of people, the Operator reserves the right to move the vehicle to another place within the car park at the user’s expense or to issue an invoice for the necessary removal of the vehicle to its owner or user. The person authorised to take such decisions is the Operator.

4.3. In the car park premises the following activities are prohibited:

a) refuelling vehicles,

b) leaving a vehicle with its engine on,

c) parking defective vehicles, in particular those with leaking fuel, braking or cooling systems,

d) leaving children or animals in vehicles without care,

e) carrying out on the car park premises any commercial, promotional or advertising activities without the Car Park manager’s consent,

f) smoking or using open fire, washing and vacuuming vehicles, replacing liquids or oil, as well as littering the car park in any way.

4.4. Leaving the car park in an illegal manner, without payment for using it, is considered to be an infringement of the Regulations.

4.5. The user incurs costs for any damage caused to the Car Park premises, to other clients or third parties using the Car Park. The user is obliged to repair the damage.

4.6. The user is obliged to protect the vehicle against access by unauthorised persons and to apply all security systems in the vehicle.

4.7. The Operator can suspend the implementation of the agreement, block the registration number of the user’s car in the Car Park belonging to the Operator or an entity cooperating with it, or take any measures provided for by applicable legal provisions in order to protect or assert its rights.

4.8. Entry to the car park premises by vehicles carrying weapons, explosive, flammable, corrosive or radioactive materials, or other dangerous goods is prohibited.

4.9. Entry to the car park premises of a vehicle unable to move under its own power or defective and/or damaged in any way requires the consent of the parking service employee.

4.10. The Operator monitors the Car Park, recording the registration plates of vehicles. The Operator, without a notification, will submit the recorded data of persons liable for payment to a debt collection agency.

5. Final provisions

5.1. No physical protection is provided on the Car Park premises.

5.2. The Operator is not liable for vehicles left in the Car Park premises or for belongings left within parked vehicles, except in cases where damage to the vehicle or loss of the Car Park user’s property has resulted from deliberate or unintentional actions of the Operator’s employee or the operation of devices belonging to the Operator.

5.3. The use of the Car Park is monitored by technical devices installed within the Car Park premises: video cameras recording the state registration numbers of vehicles entering and leaving the Car Park, and recording the time of using the Car Park.

5.4. The inspection of the compliance with the Regulations is carried out by the Operator’s representatives by means of technical devices. Data gathered by these representatives are evidence of the compliance with the conditions. In the case of non-payment of fees defined in the Regulations, the Operator processes the data of the vehicle’s owner and/or holder, and the obtained data can be submitted to debt collectors authorised by the Operator.

5.5. Debt collection based on procedures defined by legal provisions is conducted against the vehicle’s owner and/or holder, who is also liable for covering the costs of the debt collection activities.

5.6. The Operator is not liable for any losses incurred by the Car Park user resulting from force majeure, subject to the provisions of these Regulations.

5.7. The Car Park user is liable for non-compliance/infringements of the Provisions pursuant to the procedures defined by legal provisions.

5.8. The Operator is authorised to introduce changes in the Regulations concerning the use of the Car Park and changes in fees for the use of the Car Park, placing a new version of the Regulations on the Operator’s website: www.unipark.pl

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